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What Type of Website?

Deciding to get a website is just the first step on your journey, the next thing you will be thinking, or Inspirations Web Design will ask you, is, what type of website do you want?

If you have no ideas (don't worry, many people don't!) then we can guide you down the right path so that you get the website you want.

Here are a few thing to think about.

What is the website for?

Business - sole trader, what do you do, how many products/services do you sell?

Business - small - medium size - what do you do, how many products/services do you sell?

Charity - what do you want to achieve?

Community Group - how do you want your group to interact with your website?

Fundraisers - do you want viewers to donate from the website?

What style website are you thinking about?









Colour scheme

What sort of things do you want on your website?

Booking facility

Online Shop

Event Diary



Members Area

Social media links

Photo gallery

Payment facility

Online Chat

These are just a few ideas to start you off, we tailor each website to your needs, whether that's a simple one page to let your social group know what events you are running to a 100 page online shop.

To take a look at a few website samples or see a sample of Inspirations Wed Design work, please click on the links below.