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Why Do I Need a Website?



OK, you're here because you are still unsure about owning a website, so please, read on to see if we can answer your question, why do I need a website?


Owning a business website indicates that you take your business seriously, even if you are a sole trader, which means that your name will instil confidence in any potential client.

Not only does a website give you a more professional image, it allows you to showcase your business, think of your website as your shop window.  

An Inspirations Web Design site will give your online audience information on the products and/or services you offer, and with a portfolio of pictures or a list of your specialist services they get a better insight into what your business can offer.  

Adding your web address to business cards will allow people to see work you have completed, it's true that a picture paints a thousand words.  Distribute your cards and let potential clients see what you can do, put yourself above the crowd.

With an 'about us' section you can let viewers see who you are, this adds a personal touch so that potential clients feel they will be dealing with a person, not a faceless corporate body. This means that, even before you have a conversation, you have started to build that all important relationship.

Charities & Fundraisers

We know this sector can't spend a fortune on getting a presence on the net, but that presence is often vital to their survival, which is why Inspirations Web Design offer great deals for all registered charities, community groups and fundraisers.

Not only will we create your organisation a stunning website we will give you a number of 'freebies' to help you promote your organisation, publicise your events and raise money, see a few options below.

  • Events Calendar

  • PayPal Donate Button

  • Members Area

  • Site Forum

  • Your Own Admin Login





Just make it known that you are a charity, community group or fundraisers and we will do our bit with the no-cost extras!

Take a look, our prices start at just £100